Four-Year-Old Girl Electrocuted When She Touches Wire Behind Dryer. She Was Trying to Rescue a Puppy

Lily Minyard died trying to help her pet.

As KXII News reports, the 4-year-old girl from Ravia, Oklahoma was the victim of an exposed wire in the family’s laundry area. Minyard had crawled behind the electric dryer while trying to rescue a puppy who had gotten stuck.

While she was trying to get her dog, Minyard accidentally touched a bare spot on a wire attached to the dryer and was electrocuted. Her mother took Minyard to the nearby Town Hall for help, but emergency crews were not able to revive the girl. She was rushed to the hospital, where she was declared dead.

Minyard’s teacher, Gina Phillips, told KXII that, “It was kind of hard not to love her. She always wanted hugs.” Minyard would tell her teachers she loved them before heading home every day. Phillips said it was heartbreaking not to put her on the bus after school anymore:

“That’s going to be hard to not see that smile. That big beautiful smile and those big beautiful eyes of hers that lit up every time she would laugh.”

Authorities are investigating Minyard’s death, but it appears to have been an accident. Unfortunately, many parents don’t realize how dangerous the laundry area can be.

Watch the video below:

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) warns that laundry detergents and products are poisonous and should be kept out of the reach and sight of children. Single-use laundry detergent packets are even more hazardous because they are highly concentrated. Even a small amount of detergent in the mouth or eyes can cause breathing problems, stomach issues, coma, and even death.

But detergent isn’t the only concern when child-proofing the laundry room. According to Today’s Parent, safeguarding young children from the washer and dryer takes vigilance and attention to detail.

If your washer and dryer don’t have a built-in lock to keep children from climbing inside, you’ll want to look into a safety lock. Moreover, washers and dryers can tip if a child climbs or plays on them, and even the space behind them can be problematic.

Not only can a young child get stuck behind or between the machines, but they can be injured if they play with the power cord or drainage hose. It’s best to adhere carefully to the manufacturer’s instructions on the clearance required around the washer and dryer.

Though the laundry room may not look dangerous, it contains enough hidden hazards that parents should make sure young children are never unsupervised in the laundry area. Even better, make it a rule that the laundry room is off-limits and invest in a child lock to keep kids out of the room when you’re not there.