Four people injured in Virginia Beach shooting, two children among them

by San Eli News

The police stated that four people, among whom were two children, were hurt in a shooting at Virginia Beach on Saturday night.

The Virginia Beach Police Department wrote in a tweet that the shooting occurred in “the 3700 block of Whitney Court” and that all four victims have been left with non-life threatening wounds. The first responders arrived at about 5:30 p.m.

Two adults and two children have been transported to local hospitals.

The shooting scene was described as being very “active” by the department initially. However, a few hours later the authorities shared a press release and said that there is no information about the suspect or the incidents that led up to the shooting at present.

The victims have not been identified to the public but allegedly, both the children are below 12.

This comes on the heels of the Lynnhaven Mall shooting in Virginia Beach yesterday, where three teenagers were shot. The teens, between ages 15 and 17, were taken to hospital with severe injuries.

The Saturday shooting reportedly took place between Lynnhaven North Shopping Center and Lynnhaven Mall Loop.

The authorities have not linked the two shootings.

No other information has been given out to the public as of now.