Florida Woman Shoots Husband In Testicles For Trying To Take Her Air Conditioner

A Florida woman was arrested after she allegedly shot her estranged husband in the testicles for trying to take an air conditioner she was trying to sell on Facebook. The victim and his brother are said to have come to 35-year-old Kimberly Dunn’s home in Lake City to pick up the AC that she’d listed for sale online. She sat on it to keep him from taking it, and when he tried to move her, that’s when things got violent.

Dunn first used a stun gun on her soon-to-be ex-husband first. Dunn and the victim were going through a divorce at the time, but that was no reason for her to pull out a stun gun to try to get him off her. When that didn’t work, she decided to take things up a notch.

She then pulled out a handgun and fired it at his crotch. The victim’s brother then freaked out and shouted “You shot my brother!” before apparently choking Dunn until she blacked out, according to Action News Jax.

Thankfully, the victim was okay. It seems Dunn only got one round into her husband’s testicles and his brother was able to rush him to a local hospital for treatment. The husband also took the gun and brought it to the hospital, whether to preserve evidence or to keep Dunn from doing anything else stupid is anyone’s guess.

Dunn was arrested the same day. Police booked Dunn into Columbia County Jail without incident, but she insisted to police that she hadn’t actually meant to shoot her husband, only scare him a bit. Maybe don’t use a loaded gun to do that next time?

WFLA reports. She was soon re-arrested for the offense.