A Florida woman named Lovely Butts (yes, really) has been arrested for allegedly throwing bleach in a child’s face and threatening to hit her with a gun, according to News 6 Orlando. The incident, which went down in Daytona Beach earlier this month, is still under investigation by the local police department.

Lovely Butts called the police herself. Only in Florida does the criminals call the cops on themselves, and that’s exactly what happened here. Police arrived at the scene to find the alleged victim outside and covered in bleach. She claimed that Butts had thrown bleach over her after an argument over Butts’ medication.

The victim could have died. According to police reports, the bleach went into the victim’s mouth and eyes, which caused her to blackout and lose consciousness. When she eventually came to again, she realized she was locked out of the house and tried to get back in, at which point Butts threatened to “pistol whip” the victim while holding a gun.

Butts wasn’t done with her assault just yet. As the victim tried to run away with her phone to call for help, Butts allegedly threw a container of food at her. Thankfully, police arrived on the scene before any further harm came to the child.

The victim has been scared of Butts for ages. So much so that she told police she’s been peeing in a cup in her room to avoid having to use the bathroom in case she runs into Butts. Police corroborated the story when they found the cup in the victim’s room as well as an unloaded gun in Butts’.Thankfully, Butts was arrested and charged. She faces charges of child abuse without great harm and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill. While she was initially taken to Volusia County Jail, she was later released after posting bond.