Florida teacher attacked a 6-year-old she preferred as ‘boyfriend.’

Christina Ruby Sanchez-Rodriguez was captured for a prurient and indecent attack.

A previous primary teacher was captured Friday, Oct. 9, for supposedly attacking a previous understudy of hers.

Christina Ruby Sanchez-Rodriguez, 30, is blamed for attacking a 6-year-old understudy at Evergreen Elementary School in Ocala “around two years back,” as per the Marion County Sheriff’s Office.

Analysts got data about the claim when the casualty supposedly as of late got disturbed, as per the sheriff’s office, after learning Sanchez-Rodriguez was going to be an educator to one of the kid’s relatives. The male casualty supposedly told the family the suspect “had contacted his private regions” on various events and didn’t need something very similar to transpire else.

The kid said Sanchez-Rodriguez let him know “she enjoyed him like a ‘beau,’” the sheriff’s office said.

Criminologists said by relatives and school staff, Sanchez-Rodriguez took the kid out somewhere else and gave him exceptional consideration in class. The family said that when the kid revealed to her he didn’t need her to contact him, she purportedly got disturbed and would disregard him in class, as per agents. The youngster supposedly got endowments from the instructor that he got back, inciting the family to eliminate the kid from her study hall. The sheriff’s office said that when it was discovered, she quit her place of employment.

Christina Ruby Sanchez-Rodriguez was captured for a vulgar and lustful attack and was hung on a $25,000 bond.

“Explanations given during this examination have caused worry of the high likelihood that Sanchez may have more casualties,” the sheriff’s office said.