FLORIDA: A woman is facing charges of murder and aggravated battery in connection with the death of her girlfriend’s 3 year old son named Miguel.

The woman identified as Te’Lea Jefferson, 23, was arrested Tuesday after police in Tallahassee, Florida received a report of a “suspicious death” from an area hospital.

On Tuesday, Jefferson brought the boy to Tallahassee Memorial Hospital around 7 p.m. The boy was unresponsive, had severe trauma to his head and face, and had a body temperature of 88 degrees.

He was pronounced dead at 7:04 p.m, when medical staff alerted the police suspecting it to be a murder. 

Jefferson told the investigators that the boy was standing on the sink to brush his teeth and fell down and struck his head on the toilet.

But according to court records, his injuries were not cohesive with the story told by Jefferson. Investigators said that the child’s injuries, which included severe cuts and bruising on his body, weren’t caused by a fall. They also pointed out that her timeline of events didn’t add up.

Later she confessed to police that she attacked and killed him with a tire iron, after telling him to get off the sink. Jefferson is currently behind bars without bond, charged with murder and aggravated battery.