Florida Mother Died by Suicide Because Her Toddler Vanished, But After 14 Years The Family Still Has Hope!

Trenton Duckett is the name of the boy that vanished from his bed in 2006 in Florida. His mother, Melinda Duckett, called 911 to report that her child is missing. The boy disappeared from his bedroom while Melinda was watching TV with some friends in the other room.

“He was ready for bed,” she breathlessly told the dispatcher. “He might have had his shoes off and his shirt off.” Police arrived on the scene and discovered that the screen to Trenton’s bedroom window had been cut. The boy had vanished without a trace.

Melinda Duckett was the prime suspect in the investigation. While police say they could have arrested her within four days of her son’s disappearance, they opted to wait, hoping that she would lead them to her son.

But Duckett, 21, never gave the cops any usable information. She appeared on the Nancy Grace TV show a few weeks later and gave conflicting information about Trenton’s disappearance. During the broadcast, Grace accused Duckett of being evasive.

The day after the show, Duckett wrote a 2-page letter addressed to “the public.” In the note, she expressed her love for Trenton, and complained about being treated with “ridicule and criticism.” She left the letter on the dashboard of her car before shooting herself. Fourteen years later, the case is still open.

His family has not given up hope that the boy is alive. Trenton’s father, Josh Duckett, has made occasional public appearances and vigils, hoping for the boy’s return. “We’ve never given up, and we’re not going to now,” he told News 6 last year.