A Florida man named Dominique Harris who was just 20 years old was killed had shot and wounded a St. Petersburg cop during a shootout that took place on Wednesday

He got killed after being shot 38 times. He was a person of interest in a 2019 murder who was in a dramatic caught-on gunfight video that happened outside a convenience store. The police had fired 50 shots at him, suggested the reports.

Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri said Harris fired first, shooting at cops “at least four times” with a semiautomatic handgun after he tried to ram a roadblock — hitting one officer.

The reports say that the police confirmed that he was being pursued regarding a child abuse charge. The cops returned fire that hit the guy and he got wounded. There were six cops involved in this incident and five of them were undercover.

The cop who got wounded and was not identified immediately was shot at the torso twice and then he was under stable condition after undergoing surgery.

After the death of George Floyd, the departments have been under fire and have faced massive protests against the police. However, everyone has been asked to remain calm for more details.

Holloway said, “The use of deadly force task force was formed so we can show that we’re being very transparent and we’re accountable to the citizens of St. Petersburg. The sheriff and the task force, and the state attorney’s office, will investigate the criminal matter involved in the shooting with Mr. Harris yesterday.”