Florida man caught for shooting his twin sibling

by San Eli News

A man in Florida was caught and captured for a manslaughter claim for purportedly shooting his twin kin to death, a report said. The 23-year-old individual identified as, Thomas Parkinson-Freeman, was sitting in the left side of vehicle with his brother in Gulfport, near Tampa, Sunday night at the time when shooting happened, the Tampa Bay Times uncovered.

Police told the paper Thomas and his brother, Mathias was playing games when Mathias pulled out a gun and pointed it at his kin. Thomas responded by pulling out another gun and discharging Mathias in the face.

Detectives came to a conclusion that Thomas was not acting in self-defense when he drew and fired his gun as he told the detectives that he was not in any kind of fear and that he did not himself  believed Mathias had any intention of shooting him,” police told the paper in an announcement.

Mathias was raced to a close-by emergency clinic and articulated dead.