Florida man brought assault rifle, hand gun to Disney World vacation

A Florida man was found carrying an AR-15 rifle, a 9mm handgun along with a cache of ammo including three rifle magazines totalling 90 rounds, and two 9mm magazines totalling 20 rounds, for his Disney World family vacation for safety over recent anti-racism protests in the state and across the country.

The 43-year-old man residing at Palm Beach Gardens checked into Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort in Orlando with his guns packed in a tennis bag on Labor Day weekend, citing an incident report from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

The man had a concealed valid weapons permit and was not arrested because no laws were broken, as said by the sheriff.

The security at Disney safely kept the man’s guns for him until the end of his trip.

The authorities notified the police after the bellman handling the bag found the weapons when he looked inside upon realizing how heavy it was.

In Orlando, as well as cities across the country, there have been ongoing protests and ‘Black Lives Matter’ marches sparked by the May 25 police killing of George Floyd in Minnesota. Protesters have been demonstrating regularly, including near the Disney World, after a deputy fatally shot a 22-year-old man outside the Florida Mall on Aug. 7.

Disney spokeswoman Andrea Finger said in a statement: “Our policy is clear that guns or weapons of any kind are not allowed at our resort regardless of whether someone has a permit.”