Florida Man Arrested Again For Child Trafficking Case

21-year-old Dominick Alleva has been taken into custody yet again by the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office in Florida after he posted bail for being charged with trafficking a minor and child pornography in California only to get arrested back again in his home state and this time on charges related to stalking and witness intimidation.

He is waiting for his court proceedings. He is expected to be returning to California to face the charges there. He was originally arrested on suspicion of statutory rape on April 28, said the San Luis Obispo County detective. He posted $45,000 bail shortly after he had been arrested.

After less than a month the investigators filed a new case against him for suspicion of human trafficking of a minor and the possession, production, and distribution of child pornography. He appeared on May 19 in the court at which the judge raised his bail to $150,000. He then posted the bail the next day and left for Florida.

It was later determined by the California investigators that he violated a protective order issued by the judge in his case but was out of contact as he moved to Florida. They got a $750,000 arrest warrant and traveled to Florida to find and arrest him. He was arrested on Monday.