Florida girl quarantined for having periods

by San Eli News

As Florida battles to contain Covid cases within the school, one school went on an extra step to be cautious.  A Fort Myers’s mother revealed to Southwest Florida’s Fox 4. Now that her eighth-grade girl was sent home from school last Monday evening and was advised to isolate for ten days in the wake of showing COVID-19 side effects. Be that as it may, the Lexington Middle School understudy was simply feeling exhausted because she was on her period.

The young lady’s mom, Shelia Gayle, was given two choices: pull her girl and her kid from school, or get a note from the specialist that announced the young lady was not experiencing the lethal infection. Gayle took her girl to a specialist who affirmed that it was the young lady’s monthly cycle that was causing the side effects and that no separation was essential.

A representative for the School District of Lee County said they’d preferably be protected over grieved.  State information shows that 65 school offices in the district experienced 127 Covid cases between Sept. 6 and Oct. 10. Lexington Middle School was not one of them