Firefighters rescue cheeky dog that swam 1km away from owner

by San Eli News

A cheeky dog ran away from her owner in a Melbourne park, swimming almost a kilometre away and soon needed help.

Luckily, Victorian Fire and Rescue crew were on a routine marine exercise in the Maribyrnong River nearby and were able to put their training into action.

The distressed dog owner approached them for help.

She told firefighters her dog had been chasing ducks and jumped into the river, then swam away.

The black Labrador, Indy, had swum out of sight.

Firefighting crews, already in boats, quickly set off along the river in search of the cheeky pooch.

A passer-by directed them towards the lake at Edgewater Marina, almost a kilometre away, where he had spotted the dog.

The crew made their way to the marina where they found Indy.

Despite the long swim, she did not appear tired; she was still swimming, and still happily chasing ducks.

In no hurry to be rescued, firefighters used the fireboats to herd Indy, before grabbing hold of her and lifting her into the boat.

She was safely returned to her grateful owner, and to the relief of the ducks.