Fiancé of Missing Colorado Mom Is Arrested and Charged With Murder. Search Intensifies for Body

Police investigating the disappearance of the Colorado mother, Kelsey Berreth, have arrested her fiancé, Patrick Frazee, after she went missing on Thanksgiving day.

As previously reported by Dearly, Berreth was last seen on November 22 when surveillance cameras captured the mom shopping with her baby.

Watch the video below:

Frazee was the last person to see her when she dropped off the couple’s 1-year-old at his 35-acre property in Florissant, Colorado. Police searched the home Sunday night.

Fox News, reports they no longer believe Berreth is alive.

Kelsey’s family desperately needs her back. Please call Woodland Park Police Dept. @ 719-687-9262 with any information….

Gepostet von Missing – Our – Kelsey Berreth am Samstag, 8. Dezember 2018

Frazee was arrested and charged with first-degree murder and solicitation of first-degree murder on Friday morning.

Law enforcement said in a news conference following the arrest, that their daughter is in the protective custody of Berreth’s family. While they have not found the toddler’s mother, information is developing to determine what could have happened to her.

Officials now consider the investigation a violent crime.

Woodland Park Police Department revealed that cellphone records and data have lead to the arrest.

Frazee told investigators the flight instructor last texted him on Nov. 25. Berreth’s employer Doss Aviation also received a text from her phone, saying she would be out for a week.

According to Fox, police later received data through Berreth’s cellphone ping indicating she was in Gooding, Idaho that same day, nearly 700 miles from her home. During the police news conference, a Woodland officer said:

At this point I don’t want to speculate on where her body is at this point.

Investigators have recovered a number of items that [indicate] that the crime did occur at Kelsey’s residence.


That’s why we’ve been coming back to her residence as we get additional information.

There are no leads at this time indicating that Berreth was involved in a possible affair.

Speaking to the evidence that leads to a murder charge, police say they cannot comment on what was collected at Frazee’s home.