Female Suspect Arrested for Taking Life of Woman and Her Unborn Baby

by San Eli News

A young mother from Texas was excited to meet her unborn baby. However, her life and pregnancy will end in a horrific tragedy.
Two months before giving birth, the victim was cut open by an unknown assailant which resulted in her death and that of her infant.
According to a report in Texarkana Gazette, the victim, a resident of New Boston, was cut open by an unidentified female assailant. The young mom was already seven-and-a-half months into her pregnancy when the incident happened.
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New Boston Police Department stated that the victim was attacked right inside her home at 200 block of Austin St. Police officers responded to a 911 call claiming there was a deceased person inside the home.
When they arrived at the scene, police discovered the lifeless victim lying in a pool of her own blood. Her womb was cut open and preliminary investigation showed that the infant was forcibly taken. The infant did not survive the attack.
Shortly after the incident, a female suspect was taken into custody by Oklahoma authorities.
Multiple government agencies including the DPS, New Boston Police Department, Bowie County Sheriff’s Office, and Texarkana Texas Police Department, are working together to bring justice to this gruesome crime.
Similar incident
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A similar incident was also reported on August 27 in Brazil. An expecting mom was lured under a pretence of a fake baby shower where she was brutally killed by her friend. The infant miraculously survived the attack.

The victim was identified as Flávia Godinho Mafra from Santa Catalina. On the morning of August 27, Mafra went together with her friend for a surprise baby shower.
However, her husband called authorities the next morning when Mafra was nowhere to be found.
Mafra’s body was eventually discovered in an isolated pottery yard. Her unborn baby was cut open from her womb.
The suspect was eventually arrested after she took the baby to the hospital and the nurses grew suspicious of her accounts.
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