A federal judge whose son was fatally shot by a disgruntled anti-feminist attorney finally opens up about the shocking unfortunate and tragic incident that hit their family this summer.

The Federal Judge of New Jersey, Esther Salas appeared on “Good Morning America” on Tuesday to talk about the fatal shooting that led to the death of her son at the hands of a Manhattan lawyer who had once appeared before her. The lawyer was later found in his apartment after he shot himself to death.

Salas said on the talk show that she had very limited interactions with Roy Den Hollander, the lawyer who had shot her son. He advocated himself as a men’s rights activist and had written anti-feminist rantings on his blog..

“[He] hated me because I was a woman. He hated me because I was Latina,” Salas said. “That was the source of hate. That was what I had done. I had the nerve to become a judge,” she continued.

Salas, her husband Mark Anderl, and their 20-year-old son Daniel Anderl were all at their New Brunswick home on the 19th of July after spending the weekend celebrating Daniel’s birthday when the suspect, wearing a FedEx uniform, rang the doorbell. Salas and her son were on a lower level of the home and Mark was elsewhere in the house when the killer in disguise arrived.

“Before I could tell him, ‘Let Dad handle it,’ he shot up the stairs. And the next thing I hear is, BOOM. Then I hear, ‘No!’ And then I hear a series of bullets … I remember running upstairs and it was so loud. I almost thought it was like mini-bombs or something,” Salas said on the show.

Salas said she found her son was lying near the door, holding his hand to his chest. Her husband was also shot, and crawled injured to the porch in an attempt to get the shooter’s license plate number.

” ..  at some point Mark was screaming, ‘Call 911!’ and I tried to do that. And I lifted his shirt and I saw the bullet hole. And Mark managed to crawl back, and we were both just watching him fade away,” she said. “This man took the most important thing in my life,” Salas said. “I can’t let him take anything else,” she continues.

Salas said that both she and her husband are struggling to overcome the grief of losing their beloved son. But the judge says she has decided to forgive the killer and plans to return to work.