FBI shares Jeffrey Epstein findings with victims – including Prince Andrew info

by San Eli News

The FBI will share the findings of its probe into Jeffrey Epstein with the pedophile’s victims tomorrow.

They are said to include details of all those linked with the late billionaire – including the Duke of York.

And further arrests of people who enabled Epstein’s abuse of dozens of girls are expected.

Victims will meet US government lawyers ahead of a public announcement and congressional committee hearing next week.

Victims’ lawyer Jack Scarola said: “I am aware the Attorney’s Office is meeting Epstein survivors to announce results.

Virginia Giuffre, right, and Prince Andrew, far left

“The process has been painfully slow but clearly is progressing, so my attitude is one of cautious optimism.”

In June, we revealed the FBI was closing in on Epstein’s enablers.

Agents were said to have built cases against “at least six” of the financier’s inner circle who they believe Prince Andrew, 60, met or could have had contact with during his friendship with the pervert.

One alleged victim said last night: “I have waited 18 years since Epstein first abused me.

“For so long, all of us have been robbed of justice. Hopefully, now those who helped him are finally brought to answer.”

Virginia Giuffre, 37, claims she was forced to have sex with the Duke in 2001, aged 17, after being trafficked by Epstein and his and Andrew’s pal Ghislaine Maxwell.