Father Wants Bystanders Who Filmed His Son’s Overdose Charged for Not Helping

After a 14-year-old boy from British Columbia died of an apparent overdose, his father is calling for the arrest of those who watched him die.

According to the Global News, a video of the teenager, identified as Carson, began circulating on various social media platforms showing him slurring his speech and twitching, as his eyes “bugged out.”

In the background of the video, the boy’s peers can allegedly be heard laughing, rather than attempting to help him.


After seeing the video, the teen’s father, Aron Crimini, told the Global News he wants to see the people who laughed at his dying son be prosecuted for their behavior and lack of willingness to save him:

“They knew he was dying. He was dying right in front of their eyes, and they filmed it. They filmed it, and they Snapchatted it, and nobody called for help.”

Crimini noted that as far as he knew, his son didn’t do hard drugs recreationally. He added that his son was his best friend and a good kid, who just wanted to fit in. Carson’s mother told CTV News:

“Carson was a really beautiful kid. He really was. He was special. He was loving.”

The boy was found alone in a ditch near a local skate park by a separate group of teenagers, who did notify the authorities. He was pronounced dead after arriving at a local hospital on August 7.

Langley RCMP told the Global News, they believe Carson passed away from “an overdose on narcotics.” According to the posts shared on social media, people claimed Carson was “tweaking” on a drug called Molly, formally known as MDMA or ecstasy. Posts also claimed that Carson was “15 caps deep.”

However, coroners have not yet confirmed those claims.

Crimini told Global News that anyone could have called 911, including the people who watched the video on social media:

“One person, just one person could have called. Even if he wasn’t there, seeing it on Snapchat and sitting at home, he could have called 911 anonymously and said ‘hey, there’s a kid in trouble and he’s here, go help him.’ They might have been able to save him.”

Now, the grieving father says the people who took and the video of his son should be prosecuted for their actions and “held accountably.” Something one criminal lawyer, Paul Doroshenko, says is possible “if the teens can be identified,” according to the Global News.

Crimini said the people Carson was with that night were people he thought “were his friends. He called them his friends. He trusted them.”