Father Tries to Break Up Sons Fighting Over NFL Protests on Thanksgiving — He Ends Up Shooting One of Them

by San Eli News

Thanksgiving took an ugly turn for one North Carolina family, after an argument about the NFL protests led to a man shooting his son.

According to CBS17, Jorge Luis Valencia-Lamadrid had just sat down with his family to have Thanksgiving dinner, when two of his sons started arguing about athletes kneeling during the national anthem.

The father claims that his son Esteban Marley Valencia, 21, began to get physical with his eldest son. Lamadrid told officials he was unable to break up the fight and asked Valencia to leave.

As CBS17 reports, Valencia, who’d been heavily drinking, left the home, but later returned and began arguing with his father.

Lamadrid packed his son’s belongings and placed them on the front porch. The brother Valencia had been arguing with took his bags threw them on the ground.

In a rage, Valencia began throwing the patio furniture around outside of the home. By this point, Lamadrid had gotten his shot gun. He says when his son hit him in the face with a water bottle, he accidentally pulled the trigger shooting him in the hand and the leg.

The man claims he went to check on his son and went inside to wait for the police to arrive. He was arrested and charged with aggravated assault and is now out on bond.