Father tosses toddler son into the river

A toddler son was thrown into a river in September following which his father is now behind the bars who called him ‘the devil’ before throwing his son into the river. In connection with the death of his 11-month-old son, Zakari Bennett-Eko, the father, Zak Bennett-Eko, 23 has been convicted of manslaughter, according to the BBC News reports.

According to court documents, Bennett-Eko believed that his child was evil as he had paranoid schizophrenia. On September 11, Bennett-Eko pushed his son in a stroller and left his home. On the way, he met two women whom he claimed were evil and were trying to harm his son. According to Manchester Evening News, he then began to swing his son from side to side as he continued to a river and ultimately swung his baby into the river. A witness attempted to save the toddler son but in vain.

The river took the baby too far whose dead body was later found by the authorities. After tossing his son into the river, Bennett-Eko rushed to the Lock Keeper pub in Radcliffe and entailed the sequence of events that happened with him. Police then arrived at the venue and questioned Bennett-Eko about his son. He replied that he had tossed him in the river. Moreover, Dr. Qurashi of the University of Manchester believed that Bennett-Eko’s mental condition wasn’t that bad to be unaware of what he is doing to his own son.

In addition to that, Eko also admitted that he did hesitate a little before throwing his son during the assessment trials. He told the doctor that he does not have a realistic answer to account for his hesitation and as a result of which, he is now facing lockup in a secure psychiatric unit.