Father of an Infant arrested for shaking and squeezing off his child that left him brain dead.

On Thursday, a teen from Oregon appeared in court being accused of shaking his 8-months-old son so hard that the child was left brain dead.

The 19-years-old Isiah Hill is facing the charges of first-degree criminal mistreatment along with first-degree assault for shaking, squeezing and dropping Milo Hill. According to the KPTV Isiah claimed that he fell over a dog while carrying his son, as a result his son fell beneath him.

According to the doctors, Milo was neurologically devastated and suffered profused brain injury. According to the news station, doctors claim that the child’s injury were not due to the fall.

According to KPTV, Milo Hill’s mother said that her son had a stroke and three-fourth of his brain was brain dead. The doctors suggested a very invasive procedure in which they would drill into child’s skull and drain the excessive fluid by placing a tube.

The baby’s mother claim to have broken up with Isiah Hill. Isiah has to keep their son 3 days in a week.

The mother said that she was on her way to pick up her son on Saturday when Isiah called her saying that their son had fallen. She rushed to his home and dialled 911.

In her statement delivered to the KPTV, the mother said, “His eyes were rolled back to his head, lips were already purple. He was moving but it wasn’t normal baby movement and he was making a very loud grunting noise.”

Report says that Isiah Hill ultimately confessed his crime of shaking and squeezing his son and threw him to bed.

The child was taken off life support and an online fundraiser was announced for his recovery on Monday. The doctors claims that the child would barely survive few hours or days.