Fact-Checking Policy

Fact-Checking Policy

San Eli News reporters and writers have primary responsibility for gathering information, reporting, writing and fact-checking their stories. Even so, stories are still subject to review and additional fact-checking by one or more of our editors.

Providing correct and factual news is important at San Eli News. We have a multi-level structure in place for editing and fact-checking stories. These include editors who collaborate with reporters on origination and form of stories as well as providing initial review when submitted by a reporter.

We have a policy in place that requires all reporters to maintain, if applicable to the story or gathering process, all audio and video of calls and interviews as well as providing all documentation that has been provided to them by the subject or source of a story.

If we must correct an article, we will acknowledge our error on the original piece and include all corrections and supporting material for those corrections.

For more information on our fact-checking policy or to report an error, please use the form below: