EXCLUSIVE | Possible suspect in Det. Suiter’s death interviewed last week, says attorney

BALTIMORE (WBFF) – Three years after the death of Baltimore City Police Detective Sean Suiter, his family and their lawyer continue to argue he was a victim of a homicide.

Attorney Jeremy Eldridge says a possible suspect in Suiter’s killing was questioned by police last week.

Meanwhile, a hearing next week will determine whether the family gets a payout over Det. Suiter’s death.

“The first legal litmus test is coming up this week. There is a workers compensation hearing and that will decide whether his family will be compensated,” said Eldridge.

Eldridge says the family is considering legal action against the city and state.

Suiter died the day before he was set to testify in a case tied to the Gun Trace Task Force.

Harrison announced in November of 2019 that the police department considers this case closed following the independent review board’s report that Det. Suiter committed suicide.

Eldridge asks if it is closed, why did they bring in a suspect in Suiter’s murder just last week.