Everyone At The Hospital Screamed When The Nurses Started Fist Fighting

Although the hospital cafeteria is empty, it is filled to the brim with drama. In the grainy video footage, two health care workers engage in a ferocious argument that escalates into an all-out brawl. While the professionals have clearly forgotten to practice social distancing guidelines, they prepare to get into an MMA-style fight by removing their face masks and attacking one another.



As the pair fight each other, one woman, both of whom are believed to be nurses, cinches a chokehold around the other woman’s throat, apparently making it hard for her to breathe. The pair continue to wrestle each other to the ground, fighting tooth and nail to get the upper hand and advantage on the other.

The footage was not captured in the United States. Reports indicate that these women were working in a London hospital. Although the clips start off while the women have already begun their argument, it does not stop until much later when they’re on top of each other, squeezing the life out of one another. The footage does not clarify who started the argument or why the pair are fighting each other.

One of the nurses shouts at the other, “Move me. Move me.” She also makes a threatening gesture toward the other nurse.

In reply, the other says, “You don’t want to come in front of me.”

Clearly, these women are not getting along and are prepared to do whatever it takes to assert their authority over the other one, with tensions as high as they have been in hospitals across the world due to the devastating effects of the coronavirus.



Nevertheless, the instigator continues to drive her colleague to the edge of sanity. When she lunges forward and pushes her, the pair prepare to fight. Throwing punches, the pair get into close range and grapple. It doesn’t take long before one of the nurses is able to take the other one down to the ground.

The health care workers continue to brawl despite others watching them. Onlookers try to stop the women from embarrassing themselves in the workplace, but the brawlers just are not willing to quit.

One observer even told the women to stop fighting, “Stop your mouth is bleeding.”

When the clip ends, the brawl has not ended. The woman who first pushed the other one (at least on video) gets the other nurse in a tight choke and holds her there, squeezing her out of consciousness.

“You messed with the wrong girl,” she uttered while choking the other woman.



When the clip went viral, first across the United Kingdom and then the world, social media users were appalled by this behavior.

“WTF. Why are NHS nurses fighting on the floor like they are in MMA during a global pandemic.”

Another person added, “Lucky, they’re in the hospital already.”

“Shaking my head. We don’t need nurses fighting like this and ignoring social distancing in our world right now. It makes me sad.”

Another internet user pleaded, “PLEASE. All of us are here trying to stop others from catching COVID, but these two nurses are fighting on the hospital floor, not giving a sh*t.”

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