Everyone At The Funeral Home Screamed When A Young Woman’s Body Started Breathing

A funeral home in Michigan has discovered the unthinkable. One young woman who had been declared dead was actually alive. The young woman, who was just twenty-years-old, was officially pronounced dead on Sunday after she suffered a heart attack. The woman, who was from Southfield, Michigan, was taken to a funeral home in Detroit. However, the staff at the funeral home noticed one glaring error in the entire transaction – the young woman was not dead.

The funeral home workers were terrified to notice the young woman’s body, breathing in and out. Although the funeral home workers tried to get to the bottom of the error, the officials from Southfield had to scramble to figure out what went wrong. After a brief investigation into their process, the city’s fire chief released a report entitled “Mistaken pronouncement of death.”

At least the officials of Southfield were capable of admitting their mistake. They were also lucky that their mistake was righted. If the woman had been processed without close observation by the workers at the funeral home, she could have been buried alive.

The Southfield Fire Department has kept the young victim’s identity a secret. However, they did mention how rescue crews responded to a 911. Because the young woman was not breathing, the rescue crew began CPR and tried their best to bring her back to life. However, they felt that they had failed and gave up after thirty minutes of continuous CPR.

The paramedics then shifted responsibility for the presumed corpse to the Oakland County Medical Examiner’s Office. Their team wrongfully pronounced the twenty-year-old woman dead.



the medical examiner’s wrongful pronouncement of death, they released the young woman’s body to her family, who jumped right into funeral arrangements. The family decided to work with James H. Cole Funeral Home in Detroit.

Workers from the funeral home arranged with the family to pick up the body a few hours later. But when the funeral home workers arrived on the scene, they noticed that the young woman’s chest was moving up and down. This led them to believe that she was still breathing. And they were correct.

Terrified that they had nearly buried a woman alive, James H. Cole Funeral Home called the emergency services with the breaking news regarding the heart attack victim. The woman was rushed to the hospital, where she received the medical treatment she needed hours before.

Since finding the woman alive, the funeral home stated that their “thoughts and prayers are with this young woman and her family” during the trying time.



Thankfully, this woman was able to get to the hospital to get the medical treatment she needed. Unfortunately, it is very important to get treated for a heart attack as soon after it occurs as possible. Because the Oakland County Medical Examiner’s Office mistakenly presumed the young woman to be dead, she lost crucial hours that could have helped her recover from the heart attack faster and better.

What do you think about this strange incident in Michigan?