Dylan Redwine: Outrage Of Noisy Quarrel In Jury As Trial Begins For Dad Accused Of Murdering His ‘SON’ During Custody Visit

Report: The prosecution and the defense in the case related to a Colorado man who was in his court trials on the charges of murdering have apparently got into a noisy quarrel on Friday after many concerns were raised about probing into potential jurors’ backgrounds.

According to a report from Durango Herald, over 2,000 potential is being shifted through to find the best panel of the murder trial of the Colorado man who was identified as Mark Redwine and he has been accused of killing his 13-year-old son, Dylan Redwine.

Dylan’s lawyer, John Moran told the court that he had many concerns about extreme private information obtained on over 1,000 potential jurors, including any history of attempted suicide, sex abuse, or child abuse.

“This raises the level of outrageous governmental conduct,” John Moran said. Adding to that he also said to the court that “It is illegal for them to have taken this information in the first place … it is criminal, your honor.”

John Moran also made an argument by saying that the defense didn’t know how long the prosecution had the documents before sharing them.

District Attorney Christian Champagne weighed in by calling the accusations made by John Moran ‘Outrageous’

“These allegations are so outrageous, and so over the top, I can’t hold my tongue, your honor,” Christian Champagne said.

Adding to that he also said, “There’s nothing wrong with anything that’s happened by looking at these records and proactively giving it to the defense”

Here Christian explained that the background check information came from a record-keeping program which is regularly held and maintained in Sheriff’s office called ‘Record Management Services’

District Judge, Jeffery Wilson stopped the discussion about the case and called it a “big ado about next to nothing.” He ended the hearing by saying he didn’t see the matter as a big deal.

As of now, there are no such further updates revealed from the officials about the case but soon we can expect something to pop-out, so continue to stick to our site to get further updates in the future.