Driver allegedly ‘whip-its’ crashes, kills urgent care worker

A Missouri man was allegedly doing drugs. when he lost control of the SUV and fatally hit an urgent care worker in front of the clinic.

Trenton Geiger, 20, had been charged with manslaughter and tampering with physical evidence Monday in connection to the deadly crash at the Total Access Urgent Care in Ballwin.

According to police, Geiger on Sunday night was driving down through oncoming lanes of traffic, when it struck a light pole and tree before running over the 25-year-old Marissa Politte and crashing into the urgent care center.

Politte, an X-ray technician, had been on the sidewalk in front of the clinic at the end of her shift when she was hit. She was rushed to Mercy Hospital St. Louis, where she succumbed to her injuries about two hours later.

Geiger, who was unharmed, had been first discovered unconscious behind the wheel but then got hold of his “whip it” cartridges and He cases filed into the woods to toss them.

The cartridges are used to get high off of inhalants like aerosol cans, cleaning fluids and paint thinners.

The officers discovered aerosol cans, which they believe he had been huffing before the crash, from inside the vehicle.

He was booked into jail, his bond set at $100,000.

Politte was remembered Monday by colleagues as a very beloved team member who hard-working especially during the pandemic.

“She was the kindest person. She just loved patients,” Ashley Williams, senior director of patient experience, told the paper.