Doctors said she will not survive: Now she is 12 years old and will win your heart for a moment!

Canady Hyrdin-Bromley Ontario is 12 years old and is a real fighter. She was diagnosed with primordial dwarfism, the forecasts of doctors were negative and they said that the girl will not survive.bebaAt the birth, this brave girl was only 28 centimeters long, and she weighed one kilogram and 100 grams.

Eight months after birth doctors gave the diagnosis – the primordial dwarfism, a rare disease affecting about 100 people in the world. It is characterized by dwarfism, and develops before birth while the baby is in mom’s belly.beba 1Today Canady is one meter high, and problems with breathing and eating disorders are just some of the side effects of her disease.

As her mother Bryan said, doctors said her that her daughter will live only a few days after birth.beba2Canady didn’t give up school; she has a certain learning difficulties, but continues. Despite the fact that her bones are very fragile she is engaged in many sports, among other things, swimming and hockey.

– It is a generous and caring being, full of love that shares with everyone – said the girl’s mother.beba3Canady has a beautiful smile, and her parents hope that their daughter would always have a reason to be happy!