For his offenses, a disgraced Virginia OB / GYN who conducted needless procedures on women for years, including hysterectomies, was found guilty on 52 counts of an insurance fraud scheme.

Javaid Perwaiz, a retired psychiatrist, faces more than 400 years in jail when he is convicted next spring by a federal judge, the Washington Post reported.

According to the study, Perwaiz, who practiced in Hampton Roads, coerced women into surgery by convincing them that they had cancer and using broken equipment to perform procedures.

During his three-week federal court appeal, the doctor’s patients spoke to how he performed hysterectomies on them and other irreversible, life-altering operations.

Through pocketing millions of dollars from Medicaid and private insurers who paid for the needless surgical treatments he conducted on the victims, Perwaiz profited from the scheme.

Karl Schumann, an FBI agent in the Norfolk field office, told the Washington Post in a statement, Doctors are in positions of responsibility and confidence and take an oath to not harm their patients.

Dr. Perwaiz not only caused his patient’s permanent problems, pain, and fear by needless, invasive surgical treatments, but he attacked the most intimate aspect of their life and even robbed some of their future, he said.

Perwaiz defended himself at trial, arguing that he conducted the operations to support his patients, not to siphon funds from their insurers.

On March 31, he’s due to be tried.