‘Disturbed’ Teen in Shooting Spree Shoots 2 People in 3-Week Period

by San Eli News

Police officers from Atlanta arrested a 15-year-old teen for shooting two people within a 3-week period. The suspect, whose name was withheld, was charged with murder for the two separate incidents which resulted in the lost of lives of the victims.

On August 12, law enforcement authorities arrested the teen after linking him to the first shooting incident on July 31.
According to Sgt. Johh Chafee, Atlanta police spokesman, while the suspect was in custody, they also linked him to another crime that occurred just 10 days prior to his arrest.

The first shooting incident occurred way back in July in southwest Atlanta. Shortly after 11 p.m., officers responded to a shooting call at Donnelly Avenue. Upon arriving at the scene, they found two unresponsive men who were shot multiple times.

They were rushed to the Grady Memorial Hospital to receive immediate medical attention. The victims were identified as Donte Oneal Billingsley, 29, and Cedarius Johnson, 28.
Later on, Billingsley died due to his injuries, but Johnson is expected to make a fine recovery, according to Crime Online.
On the second shooting incident, the suspect targeted a homeless man. It occurred on August 2 in downtown Atlanta.

Police responded to a call at Woodruff park, where they found Sergio Roswell, 35, with a gunshot wound. The gunman was nowhere to be found when the police arrived.

Just like the two other victims, Roswell was taken to Grady, but he later succumbed to his injuries.
A later investigation revealed that Roswell was involved in a heated altercation with the teenager. Out of nowhere, the suspect pulled out a gun and shot Roswell.

According to AJC, as of August 31, the minor remains on the custody of the Metro Regional Youth Detention Center. During his arrest, officers also confiscated illegal drugs in his possesion.

He will be facing multiple charges including felony murder, possession of cocaine, and aggravated assault.
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