Daycare Worker Is Accused of Slamming a 1-Year-Old’s Head to the Ground for Not Taking a Nap

by San Eli News

A daycare worker was arrested for allegedly slamming a 16-month-old’s head to the ground because the child wouldn’t go down for a nap.

According to officials, 20-year-old Jonee Hamilton shoved the toddler’s head into a mat at Oxford Babies childcare center in Atlanta, Georgia, and the alleged attack was caught on surveillance video.

Screenshot/Fox 5

In addition, officer Heather Knight told Fox 5:

“She takes the head of the child and slams it into the ground and she picks the kid up and slams her on the ground and causes a laceration on the lip and it bleeds everywhere.”

Police said the child was left bleeding from the mouth, fortunately, there were no signs of serious injuries.

The toddler’s parents were immediately contacted and they rushed the child to the doctor for treatment.

The baby didn’t suffer from a concussion or any broken bones. Knight said:

“We have seen deaths from this kind of action, we’re very lucky, the parents of the little girl are very lucky, this child this child did not lose her life.”

The police officer told WRDW:

 “It shocks the conscience. It is very disturbing.”

Hamilton was hired a few months ago after passing a background check. The owners of Oxford Babies released a statement indicating:

The teacher was fired immediately. Prior to her being hired the teacher passed all background checks and had no prior history of improper behavior.

Screenshot/Fox 5

Hamilton is being held on bond and was charged with aggravated assault and cruelty to children.

Investigators said they are not ready to release surveillance video from the incident that occurred on November 28.

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