Dana was poisoned for 37 years, and doctors could not find out what was the reason, and all the time it was in her house! (PHOTO)

Dana Anhalt was slowly poisoned for 37 years, and as many as 100 doctors unsuccessfully tried to determine the cause of her condition.

Desperate Dana has initially suffered from meningitis, an infection of the sinuses, various attacks, migraine and hormonal problems, which began while she was 16 years old. She even suffered from terrible allergies and she was constantly losing weight.

The now 37-year-old writer from Hangtingtona in New York has even received a diagnosis of Lyme disease in 2016. Despite the treatments, her condition continued to deteriorate.

Dana’s family discovered the cause of her condition by accident and only when they felt a strange smell that spreads from the basement, which was flooded with toxic black mold.

It is believed that this toxic mold in her home appeared because of the floods that have occurred in the house while she was little.

– It turns out that I spent 37 years of somewhat poisoning. It was not easy to do all subsequent tests, but at the end of the decade of my torture it has some meaning – said Dana.

– In addition to the powerful mononucleosis, flu, sinus disease and hormones, which began when I was 16 years old, and over Fibromyalgia I got when my mother died, until 2011-12 when I was practically bedridden, no one has succeeded to find the cause of my disease, but they all treated the consequences – she continues.

– I am now permanently sensitive to a variety of drugs and allergic to a lot of kind of food. I have an allergy to the medicines for pain, and very frequent rashes on the body. Who knows when it will stop – she says.

But when the cause was found, doctors advised Dana to move out of the house and leave all her things there because they are contaminated.