Dad Was Shot in Front of Daughters on Camping Trip. Police Have Finally Charged His Alleged Killer

by San Eli News

On June 22, California father Tristan Beaudette took his two young daughters camping while their mom, who is a doctor, stayed behind to study for an upcoming exam.

As Dearly previously reported, the 35-year-old set up a tent in Malibu Creek State Park to sleep in with his daughters, aged four and two.

According to police, that’s where a man fatally shot the sleeping father in front of his two girls. Authorities spent months searching for the shooter.

And on Monday, charges were filed against a homeless man who was connected to a string of armed robberies, The Fresno Bee reports.

Anthony Rauda, described by police as a 42-year-old outdoor survivalist, was arrested in October in the park where the father was shot.

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said he was connected to assaults, armed burglaries, and shootings in the area dating back to November 2016.

His targets were campers and motorists, according to KTLA. Rauda is accused of trying to kill another man days before he fatally shot the father.

He also allegedly shot and wounded a man sleeping on a hammock in the park years prior to Beaudette’s death.

Though Rauda was arrested in October, he was only charged in relation to the father’s shooting this week.

He was brought up on one charge of murder and two counts of attempted murder relating to Beaudette’s daughters.

Rauda is also facing eight additional counts of attempted murder and five counts of second-degree burglary for his other crimes, People reports.

Area resident Joey Medaglia told KTLA that the community has been more at ease since Rauda’s arrest. He said:

“Things are back to normal hopefully, and (we don’t) have to worry about some guy in the hills hunting people. It’s pretty scary to be honest.”

Rauda faces a possible sentence of life in prison.

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