Dad stabs son, 10, to death and wounds daughter, 6, in knife attack to get back at wife for leaving him

A DAD killed his 10-year-old son and seriously wounded his daughter, 6, to get back at his wife for leaving him.

Brenda Moyano, 25, says her estranged husband attacked their children with a knife because she refused to fix their relationship.

The tragedy happened in the La Toma neighbourhood of the city of Capilla del Monte, located in the northern Argentine province of Cordoba, when the two children were staying with their father Gerardo Javier Reyna, 39.

During the knife attack, 10-year-old Thiago was killed and his sister Priscila, 6, was seriously injured.

Neighbours reportedly heard the victims’ screams and called the police.

According to the newspaper Infobae, Priscila is battling for her life in hospital after being stabbed in the neck, abdomen, and under the left armpit.

The mother of the children claimed that he physically assaulted her in the week leading up to the incident because she refused to get back together with him.

She said she did not report the alleged assault because Reyna promised to visit a psychiatrist at the end of the week, according to Radio Suquia.

Moyano said her husband attacked their children out of revenge for her rejecting his plans to get back together.

She claimed he sent her a photo of her son’s slashed arm covered in blood.

Moyano told the newspaper Cronica: “I asked him not to put the children through this, and then he sent me a photo of an arm covered in blood. I thought it was his arm, I didn’t think it was my son’s.”