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Dad Shoots Robber To Defend His Family, But The Mom Of The “Victim” Is Speaking Out



Cynthia Ruiz knew suffering. As a widow, she had lost the love of her life. But she had no time to wait around and soak in the pain and suffering. She had to pick up the pieces immediately for the sake of her son. Over the ensuing years, she did the best she could, but she was unable to stop her son, 19-year-old Andrew Herrera, from going down the wrong path.

When she received a late-night call from the San Antonio Police Department, her world collapsed around her. The cops told her that her teenage son had been shot and killed by an armed person the previous night. Apparently, Andrew had tried to rob a Popeyes Chicken restaurant on the 800 block of Southeast Military Drive when someone took out their gun and repeatedly shot the teen until he was dead.

“Did my son deserve to be punished? Yes, he did,” she said. Did he deserve to die? No.

Over the phone, San Antonio police told the grieving mother that her son allegedly entered the restaurant wearing a hoodie and a mask. He was supposedly armed with a gun and confronted a man and his family who were eating at the establishment.

The man had told Herrera that he no longer had any money with him because he had spent it all at the chicken joint to feed his family. From the side of his vision, Herrera noticed a Popeyes employee dashing for safety. He panicked and pivoted and held the gun on that fleeing employee. This proved to be a fatal mistake.

Since Herrera had his back turned, the man removed his concealed weapon and fired it at Herrera until the 19-year-old was disarmed and apparently dead. Because the armed citizen had a license to carry a concealed weapon, he was trained to use it in situations like this.

“Here in Texas, if you’re in fear of loss of life, loss of property, you have a right to defend yourself,” a police spokesperson said.

The whole story was heartbreaking for Ruiz. After losing her husband, she had struggled to keep her son on a good path. Although she knew that her boy had problems, she did not think the man had to murder him in the chicken joint. Why didn’t he just disable him and then let the police finish the job with handcuffs?


“Why shoot him four more times?” the grieving mother asked of the man with the gun. “Why did he shoot him five times?”

Now the mother who has lost everything of value in her life wants to see the chicken joint’s surveillance footage. Did the armed man tell the truth, or had he gotten a kick out of shooting the frantic teenager in the back five times? Police have not been forthcoming with the victim’s mother. They have not even confirmed if surveillance footage of the murder exists.

Later, the second suspect in the robbery told her that “the gun wasn’t even loaded.” The man who was protecting his family could not have known that.

Ruiz explained that her son had mental health issues ever since he was young. He was diagnosed with bipolar disorder as a child and schizophrenia in 2016. The combination was very challenging for him. And he stopped taking his medication three weeks before he was murdered.

The mother said that he had told her, “What is life? Being on medicine all the time and I’m sleeping? I’m missing life.”

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California cops’ Memorial Day tribute busted by spelling police



Just throw in the “e” for effort.

A well-meaning salute to heroes by the San Jose Police Department was cited for bad spelling on Twitter, where the cops botched an operative word.

“Remembering and Honoring Our Heros,” reads a graphic celebrating Memorial Day.

Missing from the SJPD’s spelling of the word “heros” is the letter e.

Several commenters, all of whom should expect to get a ticket if pulled over for speeding in the Silicon Valley area, noted that a heros is a type of fish found in South America.

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Only 10 people who’ve gotten Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine have had severe allergic reactions – and more than 4 million doses have been given out



The odds of having a severe allergic reaction after receiving Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine are looking incredibly slim.

On Friday the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released its first comprehensive trove of data detailing how many people have had confirmed allergic reactions after getting Moderna’s new shot.

Among more than 4 million doses of the vaccine that were administered nationwide from December 21 to January 10, just 10 people reported confirmed cases of anaphylaxis after vaccination, which is a severe allergic reaction requiring administration of epinephrine. That rate of anaphylaxis cases is 2.5 per million.

An additional 43 vaccine-takers had less severe nonanaphylactic allergic reactions, with symptoms including itching (especially in the mouth and throat), rashes, and “sensations of throat closure.”

There have been no reports of death so far, and patients have generally recovered well after these allergic reactions, though five of the 10 severe cases had to be admitted to intensive care first. ( Pfizer’s new COVID-19 vaccine , too, has been very rarely associated with severe allergic reactions .)

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10 women have had severe, allergic reactions to the Moderna vaccine
The first day of Moderna COVID-19 vaccinations in Broadbent Arena at the Kentucky State Fair and Exposition Center on January 4, 2021 in Louisville, Kentucky.
Jon Cherry/Getty Images

All of the confirmed cases of anaphylaxis after administration of Moderna’s shot so far were in women, which isn’t a huge surprise when you consider that most of the non-elderly people who’ve been vaccinated so far are healthcare workers, an industry which is 76% female in the US.

In addition, according to CDC data, more than 2.4 million woman have gotten Moderna’s shot, compared with 1.4 million men (an additional 125,000-plus people who got Moderna shots didn’t record a sex.)

Most of the anaphylactic reactions happened within just minutes of vaccination. Only one of the ten cases took longer than 30 minutes to present, post-vaccination:

For these reasons, the CDC is recommending that all vaccine sites have doses of epinephrine on hand, and that people who get vaccinated should wait 30 minutes at the vaccine site before heading off, just in case something happens.

“It’s important that anybody who has had anaphylaxis talk to their vaccinator about that, and make sure that if they choose to be vaccinated, they wait the 30 minutes,” Dr. Thomas Clark, who’s been tracking allergic reactions after vaccination at the CDC, told reporters earlier this month .

Nine of the 10 patients who had severe, allergic reactions after Moderna’s shot had a history of allergies, and the most common allergies among them were to drugs (six patients). Just one patient with a severe reaction after vaccination had a food allergy.

“You know, many, many people with histories of allergies were vaccinated uneventfully,” Dr. Clark added.

People who do have an allergic reaction after their first shot of Moderna or Pfizer’s vaccine should not get their second dose, the CDC says.

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Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office: Woman charged with second-degree murder following shooting



PINEY FLATS, Tenn. (WJHL) – The Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office has charged a woman with second-degree murder following a shooting investigation.

According to a release, Teresa Sherrill, 48, is charged for the death of John Sherrill, 71.

The Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office Dispatch received a 911 call Sunday just before 9:00 p.m. from 341 Warren Road in Piney Flats in “reference to a shooting.”

“The caller identified herself as Teresa Sherrill and stated that her boyfriend, John Sherrill, had attacked her,” the press release said. “Ms. Sherrill stated that she shot Mr. Sherrill.”

According to the press release, upon arrival, deputies discovered John Sherrill was dead.

The release stated the victim appeared to have both knife and gunshot wounds.

Sherill is being held in the Sullivan County Jail on a $10,000 bond.

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