Dad Refuses To Pay For His “Ungrateful” Kids’ College Educations

by San Eli News

Paying for college is not easy. College tuition continues to rise every year. And as costs go up, college students either have to rely on their parents to pay for it or take out tens of thousands of dollars in student loans. Neither of these options is very attractive because it puts the student in the one-down position – but that is the reality for most Americans.

A college education does open people up to better jobs. However, it is not guaranteed. That’s why one man refuses to pay his children’s way through college.

“My eldest is in her last year of high school and is not only wickedly smart but extremely hardworking with aspirations of working for NASA one day. Of course, with it being her last year, we’re focused on her applying to universities.”

While mom wants the kids to go to school, her husband has no interest in funding their education.

“The other day, she was talking about her dream school that has a very reputable aerospace engineering program and also happens to be out of state. Upon hearing this, my husband scoffed and asked how she is going to pay for it, as he had mentioned before that while he encourages and hopes all the girls go on to higher education, it is not something he is willing to pay for.”

While this might have worked for him, it does not make much sense to let the kids struggle just because that’s what he did.

“His argument lies in that ‘they won’t appreciate their education if mommy and daddy fund the whole thing’ and that he paid for his undergrad all on his own, incurring ten of thousands of dollars in loans/debt in the process. He later used his GI Bill to fund his masters.”

This broke the child’s heart.

“Anyway daughter burst into tears saying that even with her savings (she works part-time) she could never afford it. I calmed her down, kissed her on the cheek, and asked her to go into another room so I could speak to her dad.”

The man doesn’t even have to worry about funding the eldest child’s education. That was covered. He was just selfish and mean.

“First of all, he is not even paying for her education. She is going use my GI Bill. So not only was that comment irrelevant, but he did it to tease her. As for my other two girls, it’s always been our agreement that we’d go 50/50 on their education. However, lately, he has been changing his tune to a song of ‘work ethic.’”

This man is happy to support his mother but not his own children. This sets the mother of the kids off to no end. Nevertheless, he is stubborn and won’t give his kids a leg up.

“And so I told him if he can pay his mother to live, then he can help me help OUR kids with tuition. He has been huffy and puffy since then.”

What do you think about this situation?

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