Dad Kills Grizzly Bear Charging at Him Only to Realize It Already Killed Wife and Their 10-Month-Old

Canadian mom Valerie Theoret and her partner, Gjermund Roesholt, loved the outdoors.

So when she got maternity leave from her teaching job, the two went to a remote cabin in the wilderness of Yukon to do some trapping with their 10-month-old, Adele, CBC reports.

Their friend, Rémy Beaupré, told the news outlet:

“Being on her maternity leave, now was the opportunity for them to all go as a family. So they just took their baby and went out on the trap line.”

But on Monday, their stay in the wilderness came to a tragic end.

When Roesholt returned home to their cabin that day, he was charged by a grizzly bear. He pulled his gun and shot the bear, killing it.

That’s when he discovered the remains of the 37-year-old mother and their 10-month-old daughter, who had been mauled to death by the animal.

The dad sounded an emergency beacon to signal authorities at the closest town nearby, but it was too late to save his loved ones.

Yukon coroner’s office confirmed their deaths in a news release and said the attack likely occurred while the mother and child were on a walk.

“It appears they [Theoret and Adele] had been out for a walk when the incident occurred, sometime between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.”

Beaupré told CBC that the two were “competent bush people”:

“They were, I’m 100 per cent sure, well-prepared for anything that could have happened. But, you never know.”

He said the sudden loss of the beloved mother and child was a “big, big blow” to their friends and family.

According to the National Park Service, you should play dead if attacked by a grizzly bear. If they continue to attack you, concentrate on kicking at the bear’s face.

If you are attacked by a black bear, do not play dead. Try to escape or kick at its face if necessary.

When heading into bear country, bear pepper spray is a good line of defense. It is made specifically to ward off aggressive bears.

Police are still investigating the mother and child’s deaths.