Cyclist Crashes His Bike, But When He Stood Up We All Screamed

During a bicycle race in Argentina, an amateur cyclist hit a pothole and was dashed off the side of the road. However, Diego Moreno found himself being rushed to the hospital after he was jabbed with thousands of thorns following his fall into a cactus patch during the road race. The mistake came after he ran over a pothole while riding with a pack of three racers along the course City Park area of Buenos Aires.

People rushed to assist the cyclist following his fall. Images show the bicyclist layered with cacti thorns following his fall. Although people on the course tried to help him get rid of the thorns, they were unable to remove them all and decided to send him to the hospital to get medical help. While in the hospital, the staff removed the remaining cacti thorns from his body and pronounced him to be in good shape.

Moreno told the press in Argentina, “We were going with three more cyclists, I was last in line. I didn’t see a small crater in the asphalt, and I hit the pothole. Thank god I was wearing glasses and a helmet, and I didn’t injure my face or head. Because of the way the spines got embedded in me, it could have blinded me.”

Footage of the cyclist emerging from the off-road accident show his body covered in thousands of thorns. Locals rushed over to help the cyclist and pulled thorns from his body.

Hundreds of Daily Mail readers shared comments about the cycling accident. Below are a few of the most popular ones.

“I feel for you, buddy! The sad part is you’ll still be pulling these things out years from now. The ones that broke off will slowly work their way to the surface. How do I know??? Guess!!! Lol”

“That happened to a friend of mine. Ten years later, her skin still breaks out with red, irritated spots from broken bits of cactus spines.”

“I fell into a cactus bush in Spain about ten years ago on a night out. I had thorns in my body for weeks, one of the most painful experiences I had in my life.”

“I would have wanted a hit of something strong, very strong before the removal. Poor, poor man.”

“No matter how painful that looks, it is even more painful in reality.”

“Looks like something that would happen to Wile. E. Coyote.”

“Looks like he’s in a prickly situation.”

“I’m surprised the man could even move from the pain he must be in.”

Moreno was grateful that he wore “glasses” and a “helmet” because they saved his eyesight and his mind. If he had not been wearing the protective equipment, the cactus thorns might have stabbed into him and injured him forever. If that had happened, Moreno might never have been able to get on a bicycle again and race like he loves to.

Images from the bicycling accident have since spread across social media. The viral content shocked viewers from Argentina and throughout the rest of the world.

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