Coronavirus US: Mum and children berated over face masks in Florida Walmart

by San Eli News

Footage shows a masked woman telling a young mum and her three children she hopes “you all die because you’re gonna kill me and my husband”.

The incident happened at a Walmart in Gainesvill, Florida, with young mum Desiree Alis Vansickle telling CBS 46 News she was brought to tears by the incident.

After being berated in front of her children she says back, “look after yourself” to the woman.

“Whenever it all ended I just walked off and was shaking on the inside, and I started crying because I was so upset,” Desiree said.

The mum said the masked woman had been confronting numerous shoppers who were entering the shop without face masks on.

“She was attacking the people that were coming in without masks and everybody was just kind of ignoring her and walking on and going on about their business, but I just didn’t feel that it was right that she was wishing death upon people for not wearing a mask,” Desiree said.

The US retailer Walmart issued its own requirement for customers to wear masks on July 20.

Desiree said when she went to the Walmart she was asked by a guard if she had a mask to put it on.

She said when her and her children didn’t have masks, “he didn’t say that we couldn’t come in”.

The mum said she didn’t mind wearing a mask, but hadn’t planned on visiting Walmart that day.

“I just prayed that she just went home and she thought about her actions, and what she said, and what she did affected a lot of people,” she said.

Walmart said in a statement it was working to solve the problem.

“Our Health Ambassadors will work with those who show up without a face covering to try and find a solution,” Walmart said in a statement provided to CBS 46.

“We also know there may be situations, such as age and health, that may not make it possible for everyone to wear a face covering.

“Our ambassadors are trained on those exceptions to help reduce friction for the shopper and make the process as easy as possible for everyone.”