Cops on the Hunt for Missouri Man Accused of Leaving Mom’s Corpse in Trash Bag

by San Eli News

The authorities are on a hunt for a Missouri man who is suspected to have killed his mother. According to police reports, the man had left the corpse of his mother in a pick-up truck in Hot Springs.
Source: Wikimedia Commons/Novel Yi
Police on the hunt for suspect
On Wednesday morning, police officers at Hot Spring, Arkansas received a report about a suspicious trash bag. Upon arrival at the scene, police found a corpse at the back of a pick-up truck.
The investigators of the case were able to identify that the corpse found in the trash bag was connected to a recent criminal case in Missouri. The deceased was identified as Connie Goodwin, 63 years old.
Upon finding out about the corpse’s relation to the Missouri case, the police had gone on a hunt for the Missouri man who is the son of the victim.
Currently, the authorities are looking for Aaron Goodwin, 38 years old, the son of the woman Connie whose corpse has been left at a back of a pick-up truck.

The investigators of the case suspect that the corpse of Connie was abandoned by Aaron. They also believe that Aaron was responsible for his mother’s death, after the medical coroner ruled the death as homicide.
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Manhunt ensued to catch Goodwin
Photo: KATV
The police had not yet arrested Aaron, and law enforcement authorities are asking for the public’s help.
The police gave out a description of the Missouri man. According to Crime Online, the police describe Aaron as a man who is more or less 5-foot-8.
They estimate that he weighs more or less 140 pounds. Some of the noticeable facial features of the suspect include a beard, a blue-colored eye, and a brown-colored eye.

According to the reports of the police, Aaron was last seen by those who know him at 8:30 in the Evening last Tuesday. He wore a black sweatshirt and a backpack.
Despite a possible killer on the loose, the police said that there is no evidence that the public is threatened.
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