Convicted Australian kangaroo rapist arrested in Canada for sexually assaulting beavers

An Australian man convicted in 2011 for a series of sexual assaults on wild kangaroos was arrested this morning in the Canadian Northwest Territories for recidivating… on beavers!

29-year old Brian Derringer was arrested this morning in Yellowknife by officers of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) and accused of sexually assaulting wild beavers on at least two distinct occasions.

According to the RCMP spokesman Darrell May, an investigation was opened after hunters caught the accused raping a beaver just outside the small town a few weeks ago. The disgusted hunters filmed him without his knowledge and sent the footage to the police when they reported the crime.

“The footage was more than disturbing enough to open an investigation and put him on surveillance. I mean, trapping a beaver to sodomize it isn’t only illegal, but really sick.”

Mr. Derringer was put on police surveillance over the last few weeks and investigators were able to catch him in a very compromising position.

“He’d just trapped a new beaver in a cage, so we waited until he took his pants off and was ready to do his thing to reveal ourselves and arrest him. He didn’t even try to deny.” 

According to RCMP spokesman, Captain Darrell May, the accused is a calculating zoophilic predator and should be considered as dangerous, even if his victims are animals.

Mr. Derringer faces seven criminal charges, including counts of bestiality, animal cruelty, and poaching.

His trial is set to begin in January when he will face a maximum sentence of 12 years in prison.

The young man was already convicted in 2011 in Australia for committing at least 17 sexual assaults on kangaroos and investigators had also suspected of assaulting koalas and emus.

During his trial at the time, he had vigorously militated for “the hunter’s right to have sex with its preys before killing them”, leading to the prosecution asking for a psychiatric evaluation.

He was then sentenced to 18 months of imprisonment, and he moved to Canada in 2019, only months after obtaining his legal pardon.