Chrissy Teigen Blocks ’20-30′ People After Posting Video of Son Learning to Walk on Bathroom Floor

If you’re coming for the way Chrissy Teigen is raising her children, she’ll come for you.

One day after posting a video of her 1-year-old son taking some of his first steps, the model and kitchen-aficionado admitted that she has to block people every time she posts content that includes her kids.

(Warning: Some people may find the language used in the below caption offensive.)

The video shows Teigen and her husband John Legend’s son, Miles, practicing his big kid walk.

The video shows Teigen and Miles’s big sister, Luna, celebrating the adorable little boy’s progress. And thousands of commenters joined in on Teigen’s joy:

I love how happy he is

He got dat bounce

Yay, Miles

Little man bout to be all over the place!

So proud of himself. That clap.

I love how big sister is so protective of little brother

However, while the video was meant to be heartwarming and bring joy, Teigen was inevitably mom-shamed for letting Miles practice walking on marble floors and around sharp edges.

As a result, Teigen admitted that she took matters into her own hands and blocked a handful of naysayers:

I have to block like 20-30 people every time I post my kids. So many dummies. Is someone forcing you at gunpoint to be annoying?

And many more of her followers came to the mom of two’s defense:

I hate when people comment things about other people’s children and their lifestyles because everyone is different and not every parent “parents” the same. It’s a shame that such ignorance can get in the way and ruin someone’s day, this is why some celebrities don’t even post their children much, but Chrissy chooses to share her life and theirs with us. It is a privilege to see something so sweet like this and to know she’d share such intimate details with us. Instead of looking at it in bitterness, see it as a way of her showing that just because she is a celebrity, it doesn’t stop her from being the wife, mother, and friend that she is and that she is only human just like us.

Do you think Teigen should have been mom-shamed for this video in particular?