Children Shot in Chicago, One Died

Different incidents were reported in Chicago, which saw the shooting of two children. In one of the incidents, a 9-year-old boy was fidgeting with a loaded gun, when it accidentally fired at him, killing him instantly. The boy was immediately rushed to the hospital, owing to the urgent need of medical attention, where the doctors declared that he had died. Later identified as Ashton Lipscomb, the deceased was in his North Austin residence when he met with his tragic demise.

The 13-year-old sibling of the deceased reportedly told the authorities that0020Ashton was “accidentally shot in the back of the head by a 5-year-old sibling who found the gun in a bedroom of the family’s apartment”. According to several official reports by the investigators, the 13-year-old had “led officers to a second-floor bedroom, where three guns were found, police said. One of the weapons was a revolver that had a spent shell casing in its cylinder”.

The father has reportedly claimed that he was busy taking his wife from the hospital and the investigators are still unsure if the kids were under any adult supervision. The child welfare officials were notified at the earliest. A 10-year-old girl was also involved in shooting at a park in the Far South Side.

According to official reports, the girl was with her friends when a man with a gun had allegedly opened fire at them. The girl was rushed to a nearby hospital, owing to her serious injuries and was in a critical condition. The investigators claim that nobody was taken into custody related to this case yet.