Chicago sisters stab store guard 27 times with comb knife after being asked to wear mask, use sanitizer

by San Eli News
Chicago sisters stab store guard 27 times with comb knife after being asked to wear mask, use sanitizer

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS: A pair of sisters allegedly stabbed a security guard at a store 27 times with a comb fitted with a blade after they were told to wear masks. They have been charged with attempted murder.

Jayla, 18, and Jessica Hill, 21, allegedly attacked a 32-year-old guard in Chicago on Sunday, October 25, the police said. The sisters entered a Chicago West Side shoe store on October 25, around 6 pm. After a store security guard greeted them, he asked them to put on face masks and use hand sanitizer placed at the front of the store. After the suspects refused to do so, a verbal argument ensued and the sisters were told to leave the store. 

The Chicago Sun-Times reported that according to the prosecutors, Jayla took out her phone and began filming the officer, adding that she was calling someone to “kick” the guard’s “a**”. In order to make her stop filming him, the guard then tried to reach out and grab her phone. Next, Jessica allegedly picked up a trash can and “smashed” it on the guard’s face. After that, the sisters began punching him. Next, one of the sisters held the man down, while the other stabbed him dozens of times with a comb with a hidden blade inside which she pulled out from her back pocket.

The guard was reportedly stabbed by Jessica in his arms, back, and neck, while her sister, Jayla, held him by his hair. In all, the man was stabbed 27 times. Even after the sisters stopped stabbing him, they continued to kick him in the head and body, prosecutors said.

The entire episode was captured on a surveillance camera inside the store. “It’s the complete randomness of this. It’s terrifying,” Judge Mary Marubio said on Tuesday, October 27. “This is just too random and quickly escalating. I can’t fashion conditions that would protect the community.” Although the Hill sisters’ attorney argued in court that the women’s actions were done in self-defense, Marubio ordered the sisters to be held without bail on attempted murder charges. The duo is now being held on first-degree attempted murder charges, with no bond and expected back in court on November 4, jail records show.

This is only the latest in the long list of violence sparked by the debate over mask-wearing and how effective face coverings are in the battle against the pandemic. MEAWW reported a few weeks ago that two pro-mask fanatics were caught on camera in Manhattan Beach, California confronting a pair of maskless civilians telling them that they needed to wear masks as they sat on a bench, before things turned awry. The two men without masks were seen chatting with each other on a bench when a woman and her male companion begin scolding them unprovoked. “Ya’ll need to be wearing masks,” the woman’s voice is heard off-camera.

The maskless man recording the video is heard explaining that he and his friend were “locals” and were “on the other side of the fence” when it came to wearing masks. “We don’t believe in this stuff,” he declared. His companion, also without a mask, is seen at one point warning the woman’s male companion to stop berating them. “What are you looking at me for? I didn’t say s**t to you,” he yells. “Get the f*** out of my face!” In response, a drink was splashed all over the other maskless man’s face as he sat on the bench — thus sparking an altercation.

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