1500-year old magical grimoire stolen from Italian museum by “invisible” thieves

Audacious thieves using some unidentified type of stealth technology making them invisible stole a priceless antique book of magic rituals last night from the Museum of Precinema, in Padua. Security agents doing their round around 3:45 this morning noticed that some items were missing from their displays, including a 6th Century Egyptian-Greek codex of necromancy, … Read more

He Complained About His Chicken Nuggets. Days Later, He Got A Formal Letter From McDonald’s

McDonald’s wanted to corner the chicken nuggets market. However, other fast-food chains had something that McDonald’s was sorely lacking – spicy options. In September, McDonald’s finally unveiled its newest menu item – spicy McNuggets. Although customers were eager to sink their teeth into the new McDonald’s offering, they were quickly disappointed when the fast-food giant … Read more