Man Leaps Into Action When An Alligator Swallows His Dog

When a 74-year-old Florida man saw that his best friend was in danger, he rushed to save it. Richard Wilbanks was taking a walk with his three-month-old puppy through the 74-year-old man’s large backyard. Because he lives in Estero, Florida, alligators are a common sight. However, on that day, Wilbanks did not realize that gators … Read more

Male nurse arrested after telling patients gynecological exam was necessary part of COVID-19 testing

A Florida nurse has been charged with multiple counts of sexual assault after he told several dozen patients that a gynecological exam was part of the COVID-19 testing procedure. Billy J. O’Brien, 23, a nurse at Jackson Memorial Hospital, was arrested by Miami police this week after several complaints of patients raised the alarm. O’Brien, who … Read more

Restaurant Employee Exposes Industry’s Dirty Secret

One employee who works at an Olive Garden location shocked all of TikTok when he uploaded a video revealing a restraint industry insider secret. Although his bosses are not pleased that he spilled the beans regarding this little-known tactic, now that the world knows the truth, it changes everything. The TikTok user, who posts content … Read more

Influencer Loses 1M Fans After Everyone Sees Her Table Manners

Charli D’Amelio relies on TikTok for her career. However, the “influencer” offended her fans when she and her sister were filmed gagging as they ate the meal their personal chef prepared for them. The content was so bothersome and aggravating to fans that D’Amelio lost about one million followers in less than twenty-four hours. As … Read more