Top CEOs vow to hire 1 million Black Americans

A group including some of the biggest U.S. companies is launching a nationwide campaign to hire 1 million Black Americans over the next decade, with a goal of economically uplifting communities of color. The OneTen coalition — which has 37 members and which includes corporate giants such as AT&T, Bank of America, Comcast, Delta, General … Read more

Angry pageant loser rips crown from winner’s head

Was she a sore loser or was she making a point? A cheering audience at the 2015 Miss Amazon pageant in Manaus, Brazil last Friday was shocked when second-place contestant Sheislayne Hayalla walked up to the winner, Carol Toledo and ripped the crown off her head at the end of the contest, throwing it to … Read more

FDA authorizes Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine for emergency use

The Food and Drug Administration on Friday authorized Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine for emergency use, kicking off a massive effort to initially deliver nearly 3 million doses of the vaccine to more than 600 sites nationwide. The approval comes just a day after the FDA’s advisory panel voted 17-4 in favor of approving the vaccine. Frontline … Read more

A walker made million-dollar find on a Florida beach, and the Border Patrol took it

A person talking a walk on a Central Florida Beach the day before Thanksgiving stumbled upon almost 70 pounds of cocaine that washed up on the shore, according to the U.S. Border Patrol. Thomas G. Martin, Border Patrol’s Acting Chief Patrol Agent for the Miami sector, tweeted, “On Wednesday, a Good Samaritan discovered 28 packages of cocaine washed up along … Read more