Life Stories

Bringing the Gospel To All: Being an LDS Missionary

There are many misconceptions about what the Missionaries do and why they do it. I’ve heard so many different explanations, as to why these young men and women serve a Mission. The ideas range from getting a free college education to not being able to get married or buy a home if they don’t serve a Mission. We spoke with Sister Dean and Sister Albrecht to learn about them and what they do.

Churck’s Long Journey Home

Chuck wasn’t lucky. The first time coming back into the United States from Tijuana he was caught with enough marijuana to be sentenced to four years in federal prison. A lifetime later, he died on the streets, alone. This is his story.

Atomic History

Living here in El Paso is Master Sergeant Roy E. Aldridge. He was part of the Nuclear Weapons Program and worked on the ICBM project. That technology became the framework for the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo missions. This is his story.