‘A Statement By The Author, Cherlyn Cable ‘She Was Drugged’; For Chris Watts Who killed his entire family Says He’s Still Lying About His wife, Shanann’s murder

In the latest aired episode of the most famous Crime based show, Crime Stories with Nancy Grace where Nancy had a talk to an author who has been corresponding with the family destroyer, Chris Watts. The author says that he believes that the murderer, Chris Watts is still missing out a key point about the … Read more

Married Woman Is Confused After Finding Flirty Note On Car… Then She Spots Something Strangely Familiar

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Mum’s agony after her ‘best friend tied up, starved and tortured 18-month-old son’ while babysitting him

A MUM-OF-THREE tied up and beat a toddler while babysitting him before taking pictures of his injuries, it’s alleged. Gulmira Lukyanova, 25, is alleged to have regularly tortured little Maksim Pisarev while she babysat for her best friend in the village of Koyanbay in south-central Russia. 4 The little boy had extensive bruising on his … Read more