Boy With Cancer Completes ‘Final Wish’ of Walking Mom Down Aisle Days Before Passing Away

Ohio 12-year-old Keith Burkett fought his cancer battle for six long years before his life came to an end this week. Thankfully, mom Taylore Woodard said that his “final wish” was granted on November 9, three days before his passing. All he wanted was to walk his mother down the aisle at her wedding. Before the ceremony, she … Read more

Alarming Video of Quick-Thinking Teen Avoiding Stranger in Car Reminds Parents to Talk to Kids About Safety

A California police department shared a chilling video on Facebook, ahead of spring and summer break, to remind parents to talk to their kids about safety when walking alone in their neighborhoods — no matter what time of day. After the Vacaville police unit received security footage of a teen being followed in a residential community, midday, … Read more

Shoppers Shove G’ma, Tell Her To Get Out Of Way. Then She Feels Someone Grab Her Hand..

Most of us wouldn’t think twice about stepping onto an elevator, but for some people that small act can actually induce a lot of stress, especially those who aren’t steady on their feet. That’s exactly what happened to Carma Greathouse. Carma was out shopping with her granddaughter, Leah Kerr, and Leah’s two young daughters when something happened … Read more

Grandfather Pleads Guilty To Dropping Granddaughter To Her Death Off Puerto Rico Cruise Ship

Cruise line Royal Caribbean blames ‘reckless’ grandfather for the death of a small child. According to the company, the surveillance video proves 51-year-old Salvatore Anello from Indiana is responsible for the open window fall of 18-month-old Chloe Wiegand. According to reports, Anello, who was holding his grandchild when she fell to her death from the 11th … Read more